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Did you miss the goal setting workshop last night? No worries – I have the recordings right here.

Goal settings is a serious thing. It can mean the difference between wasting another year, getting to 2017 and not knowing where the time went and having the best year of life.

This is why yesterdays ‘Goal Setting’ workshop was free, and why i’m sharing the recording here for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

I was actually not a 100% sure I will be able to do the workshop, as I am still sick. But at the last minute I decided that a sore throat and some fever won’t hold me down. But will cause me to have a wired voice during the session.

I’m sorry for the low quality, It was my first time using Google Hangout on air to do a workshop, but the content still looks good and is super valuable.

Enjoy the session!


Update: You can find the workshop slides here

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