Hi guy and gals,

Welcome to my new and (very) personal blog.

When asked to introduce myself onstage, I’m a growth expert, content marketer.

The longer version of my introduction is this blog.

A serial entrepreneur since the age of 19, my ventures include founding a Record Label, a PR Firm, a digital marketing agency and collaborations with many startups.

My focus was always on three things:
1. Doing what I love
2. Helping other and providing real value
3. Doing.

This time, I’m working on building a new kind of agency to help startups grow.

Scaling up a business from a successful consultancy to a full-blown capable agency is hard, and it requires me to learn a lot of new things, including evolving some of my traits and skills.

This blog is a personal documentation of the process, not only the afterglow of those who make it – But how we make the decisions that get us there. And we’re getting there!

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Looking forward to saying Hi to each and every one of you soon.

Roy P.