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It always amazes me how, in 2017, the age of 3 minutes videos and 140# tweets – books still play such a big role in my life.

People are still shocked to discover that 1,200-2,000 words long blog post get more engagement and shares than the 500 words one, so let alone 400 pages.

At any given moment, I’m in the midst of reading a book.

You know what was a real fun surprise, though? The understanding I’m surrounded with people who feel just like me.

Based on the comments and feedback I’ve been getting on my recent ‘12 Books I read in 2016 that changed my entrepreneurial life‘ post, people are still looking for good books to read, and they also have a ton of great recommendations.

Say hello to ‘The Book Club.’

The most popular question I got after publishing my 2016 book summary post was “What are you reading right now.” I got that question over 172 times since publishing the post.

You know why? Because people trust recommendations they get from real people.

What I love most about sharing what I’m reading, is that now and then, you get an “Oh I read that too” and there’s a discussion around that book.

Also, when people know what you’ve read, it gives them better context on where your focus is at the moment and can create unique opportunities.

And of course – I love the transparency. This is a social world.

Instead of answering the same question over and over again, I decided to try something new:
I’m going to post any book I read here under the “ The Book Club” tab – so anyone can easily follow, and better yet – Discuss!

Simply go to the tap at the top, and check out what I’m reading right now.


12 Books I read in 2016 that changed my entrepreneurial life

12 Books I read in 2016 that changed my entrepreneurial life

Here’s the extra mile you’ve been looking for

I hardly read fiction books. – so when I read a book, I read to learn or to get inspired.

This means that I don’t only read the book, but I have a notebook where I take notes, categories ideas and summaries concepts I find interesting.

Some of the notes are very straightforward; some are very personal.

To make this more interesting, every time I finish reading a book – I’ll also upload my personal notes and comments.

Why? because I think it’s a better starting point for an in-depth discussion about the book and insights. And I hope you will share yours as well in the comments.

Your Feedback is required here:

This is the Alpha version of this concept – and I’d love to improve it.
What do you think will make this idea even better?

Please write down in the comments

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  1. Amazing!
    It would be great if you could classify the books according to the level of ‘previous needed knowledge’ – is the book X is for begginers? Talks in a professional language? (if so what’s the needed background…), etc.

  2. 1. Am reading that too / read it
    2. Book discussion board (advanced features include comments by book chapters or page).
    3. Talmud style shared learning
    4. Affiliate program for purchasing
    5. My next book is… Get on it now.

    • Great tips!
      Main issues are:
      1. Talmud style learning – will come from personal notes at the end of the reading I believe.
      2. Affiliate program – I want to make sure I’m pushing the right books, not just for the sale. But it’s a good idea.
      3. Next book – I don’t know yet 🙂 I think it’ll be either ‘Extreme Ownership’ or ‘The hard thing about hard things’.

      Not sure yet 🙂 What are you reading right now?

  3. Far too many such book clubs turn into “here’s a list of marketing/business books” type pages. These are great, but kinda limited.

    Here’s what I would love: venture out into unknown terrain. Bring in lessons and ideas from beyond business.

    Like what does Ryan Holiday’s “The Obstacle is the Way” teach us about business? What can we learn from Richard Bach’s “Johnathan Livingston Seagull” about marketing and persuasion?

    This would take your list from 2x to 10x.

    Just my 2 cents

    • That’s a great comment! Couldn’t agree more.
      I think, for me, the interesting part will be the “after the reading” part.

      I’m going to publish my personal notes on each book. I’d love to see other’s notes as well.

      BTW, what’s the best book you’ve read this year? How did it impact your life?

  4. I realized recently that I missed reading books. Medium articles and blog posts just don’t have the same ability to carry a thought or drive home a point. I think it is a good thing that you are doing, even if in the end it benefited no one but yourself. However, I have no doubt that it will impact many more people.


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