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The first book in the new Book Club is Tools Of Titans by Tim Ferriss.

I’m a big fan Tim’s work ever since the ‘4 hours workweek‘ was published.

I can get why some people don’t buy into his “I test every little thing, and I’m the most productive person in the world’ pitch – but I think he has evolved to be much more than that.

In the last two years, Tim Ferriss has interviewed over a -100 top class performers for his Podcast “The Tim Ferriss Show.

He has interviews people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Casey Neistat, Jack Dorsey, James Altucher, Wim Hof, Tonny Robins Ryan Holiday, Marc Andreeson, Reid Hoffman, Noah Kagan and the list goes on.

With every episode hitting the 2 hours mark, it’s hard to keep track of all the tips and insights his interviewees share. And it’s worth keeping track of.

“Tools of Titans” is referred to like Tim’s notes and insights from the show.

For more information about the book, check out the dedicated website here.

Another cool resource is The Tools Of Titans guide made by John Egan. This website lets you easily search for tools and book recommended by the Titans in the book.

I’ve started reading the books about two weeks ago and have been taking notes constantly. As promised, I will publish them here when I finish the book.

Are you reading Tools of Titans right now? If so – Let’s discuss it in the comments!


Tim Ferriss - Tools of TItans

Tim Ferriss – Tools of TItans

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