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Since January 1st,  i’ve been working on setting my goals for 2016.

You see, 2015 was great for me, but not as great as it could’ve been. Why? Because I didn’t plan my goals right.

Every year I do goal settings and I have a pretty solid record in keeping most of them. But last year, I just didn’t set them right and didn’t follow through .

That resulted in some progress, but not the progress I was hoping for. This year i’m doing it right.

The Goal Setting Workshop

At the beginning of the week, I posted to my Facebook and Twitter account an offering for people to join me for a goal setting workshop. The responses we’re quite amazing, so i’ve decided to follow through and do one.

You can register to the workshop here

I should warn you that i’m planning on limiting the workshop to up to 30 people max.

I want it to feel as intimate as an online workshop can feel – and try to stay away from that ‘webinar’ kind of feeling. So it will be limited to up 30 people.

In the workshop you will learn:

  1. Tips from top performers on setting up their years goals.
  2. How to choose goals that are right for you.
  3. How to define goals in a way you can actually achieve them.
  4. How to plan your goals to keep you on track.
  5. Why most people fail in reaching their goals, and why you’d be different.

Be quick to save your spot here.

Make a friend’s 2016 that much better

We all have that friend that is just isn’t happy about their position in life.

A friend that feels lost, isn’t happy or just need some good guidance to get them going and out of a slump.

We always want to help the people we care about, but don’t always get the time, or even know how to help.

I urge you to choose 1 friend, and send them this invitation (even if you’re not registered).

This is the link to the sign up page:

Just send it to them, tell them it’s free and you think this can really help them win 2016.

Eventually, doing good and helping others, is what it is all about. 

Hope to see you in the workshop.

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