Why mastering feeling uncomfortable will set you free

Throughout life, we face hundreds of awkward, uncomfortable or embarrassing situations.

Getting turned down by a girl you wanted to ask out. Failing at your first venture, Giving the wrong answer in front of a class filled with bad kids or simply falling flat on your nose on the street because you stepped on a wondering stone.

The fear of feeling uncomfortable is dangerous.

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The pros and cons of running a daily blog

The pros and cons of writing a daily blog

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’ve challenged myself to write a blog post every day in 2016. 365 posts. Day by day.

If you’ve truly been following me, than you know I broke my streak last week and haven’t posted a single post.

While I have been writing every day, I haven’t been posting everyday .

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3 Things I’ve learnt from doing a spontaneous podcast today

3 Things I've learnt from doing a spontaneous podcast today

A few months ago I met with Hillel Fuld to talk about his company’s upcoming app Zcast.

Zcast is an “all you need to run a podcast in one” kind of an app, with the addition amazing benefit that you run the whole thing through the app utilizing Twitter.

You can just start (or schedule) your podcast, invite someone from Twitter and start your show – with A-sound quality and easy to use interface.

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When quantity overshadows quality

When quantity overshadows quality

When talking content, there’s an endless debate – should you focus on quality or quantity.

I can give you my answer right away, but understanding the thought process is more important.

There is a mis-consumption on the impact of creating a lot of content in oppose to creating right targeted content every once in a while.

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Planning my content strategy for 2016 (thoughts)

Content strategy 2016

It’s almost the end of January and I’m still coming to terms with completing my personal / business goals for 2016.

Finalizing your goals is hard work, after all, it’s the ones you are going to pursue all year long. Make decisions according to, and work for. At the end of 2016, your are supposed to be where the goals you set are and who they made you become.

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This quote just got to me


Inspirational quotes are everywhere these days.

It’s actually one of the most successful marketing strategies on social media. Neil Patel used it to increase his Facebook reach, Gary Vaynerchuk is dedicating his entire Instagram for his self-made inspirational quotes. Hell, almost every entrepreneurial Instagram account is using those.

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