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Inspiration and motivation are hard to maintain.

Entrepreneurs are well known to be super happy on the one day and be depressed and think nothing is going their way the second. I think everybody feels that rollercoaster actually.

The secret is knowing how to overcome it and not surrender to being sad, demotivated and basically give up.

When I’m having an off day I will usually try and do 2 things:

  1. I allocate time to feeling down.
  2. I try to find something to inspire me

Allocating time to feel down

Sometimes you need time to actually feel your emotions. Not just bottle them down, but let them bubble up and feel them. I think that’s healthy.

What’s not healthy is dwelling on it for too long.

That’s why I set a time frame of no over 30 minutes (which is a long time!) and just let myself feel down. Watch an episode of a show I love. Stare at my Facebook feed, whatever. But than, after 30 minutes that’s it.

I need to get the f**k up and motivate myself.

How I get inspired

What usually motivates me is being inspired.


By listening to what other people have done to accomplish great things, or just an interesting story can really boost my moral and motivate me to go and do something.

A dangerous trap in this situation, is to use the ‘search for inspiration’ as a way to procrastinate and actually stay feeling down.

The solution is having inspirational resources you can always turn to.

It’s never one-size fit all when it comes to being inspired, but I wanted to share with you 5 resources I turn to when in need of inspiration:

  1. The Tim Ferriss Show – I’m a big fan of Tim, and he always has great guests on the show. Always super original interesting people with unique life experiences.
  2. TED podcasts – I’m guessing you already know TED. But by signing  up you can get a video a day. Just watch the latest one.
  3.  Tony Robbins youtube clips – Yes, it’s a cliche’ but this guy knows what he’s doing.
  4. Tara Brach – It’s not the first time I mention Tara for mediations. I’m a big fan and it always helps me to gain balance.
  5. Take a walk  – Any physical activity is good for you when you’re feeling down. It shakes your entire system and energises you.

Now to you

What do you do when you feel demotivated and you need to get your groove back? Share your tips in the comment and maybe you’ll help some people get more out of their down-days.

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