Why I’m building Stardom.IO as a distributed team

Building a remote team

“Oh, it’s so weird to be out at this time,” one of my employees said to me as we were going out to take a long break in the sun.

It was one of those times when we all felt overwhelmed with the amount of work needed to be done daily.

For her, being out and about, just walking around at noon, was a rare experience.

I’m not talking about going out to get lunch. But walk outside for a while.

Most people who work at offices feel that way.

They spend all their days underneath the fluorescent light, get in in the morning, go home late, etc.

That was not my fantasy when starting out Stardom.IO.

I was freelance for many years, and I loved the freedom of working from home, coffee shops or even when abroad.

I feel that freedom is essential to have a fully fulfilling lifestyle.

After a year in the making – I’ve decided to leap and implement that approach at my company, Stardom.IO.

In this post, I want to share with you the reasons for turning Stardom.IO into a distributed company.

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