Why mastering feeling uncomfortable will set you free

Throughout life, we face hundreds of awkward, uncomfortable or embarrassing situations.

Getting turned down by a girl you wanted to ask out. Failing at your first venture, Giving the wrong answer in front of a class filled with bad kids or simply falling flat on your nose on the street because you stepped on a wondering stone.

The fear of feeling uncomfortable is dangerous.

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Fail big or go home – Insights from FuckUp nights

Learn from failure

Last night I had a chance to share some of my epic entrepreneurial failures at Tel Aviv’s edition of Fuckup Nights.

If you’re not familiar with Fuckup Nights (or FUN), it’s a global movement born in Mexico in 2012 to share publicly business failure stories. Hundreds of people attend each event to hear three to four entrepreneurs share their failures. Each speaker is given 7 minutes and can use ten images. After each speaker, there’s a question/answer session, as well as time for networking. (I shamelessly stole this description from their Facebook Page).

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