Why I’m building Stardom.IO as a distributed team

Building a remote team

“Oh, it’s so weird to be out at this time,” one of my employees said to me as we were going out to take a long break in the sun.

It was one of those times when we all felt overwhelmed with the amount of work needed to be done daily.

For her, being out and about, just walking around at noon, was a rare experience.

I’m not talking about going out to get lunch. But walk outside for a while.

Most people who work at offices feel that way.

They spend all their days underneath the fluorescent light, get in in the morning, go home late, etc.

That was not my fantasy when starting out Stardom.IO.

I was freelance for many years, and I loved the freedom of working from home, coffee shops or even when abroad.

I feel that freedom is essential to have a fully fulfilling lifestyle.

After a year in the making – I’ve decided to leap and implement that approach at my company, Stardom.IO.

In this post, I want to share with you the reasons for turning Stardom.IO into a distributed company.

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Hacking Traveling: How to travel like a local in all major cities

Travel Like A Local

While preparing for my current visit to H-Farm and Venice, I remembered a conversation I had with Noah Kagan and Shira Schwartz on our way north when Noah visited Israel.

What’s your trip planning strategy?” we asked, and each gave their two cents on how they approach planning traveling abroad.

How do you choose where to go and what to see? How do you decide if you want to “lazy” travel or really get around? etc.

With that conversation in mind, I decided to document my process for my latest visit to H-Farm and Venice.
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8 things I hated about our latest FB live (and how we’ll improve)

So after a long break, we got back to doing FB live shows.

We used to do a show a week a few months back with the awesome guys from Moveo Heart, and it had a lot of impact.

Now that we’re back in “marketing mode” (including a new blog) – I’ve decided we should give it another try.

The format is simple and straight forward – We ask our followers to ask questions – and I answer 3 questions live on the show, as well as answer comments and questions live from the audience.

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5 Tips to Increase Your Team’s Productivity With Better Emails

5 Tips to increase your team's productivity with better emails

Emails are productivity’s worst enemy.

Sure, in 2017 it’s far from being a groundbreaking or shocking statement. Everybody’s talking about it (And it kind of made Tim Ferriss’ Career).

In the age of millennial entrepreneurs and Slack loving tech hipsters, email have been marked as the enemy for a long time.

Yet, leaving trendiness aside, emails are still a great format for collaboration and communication.

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What is the book club (Your feedback required)

The Book Club

It always amazes me how, in 2017, the age of 3 minutes videos and 140# tweets – books still play such a big role in my life.

People are still shocked to discover that 1,200-2,000 words long blog post get more engagement and shares than the 500 words one, so let alone 400 pages.

At any given moment, I’m in the midst of reading a book.

You know what was a real fun surprise, though? The understanding I’m surrounded with people who feel just like me.

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What does having a a company with a ‘Social DNA’ look like – Lessons learned from Spotify and Tesla

Spotify logo

This is a quick post I put together I think might clarify the obscure mantra of “Having social be a part of your brand’s DNA.”

In my professional blog, I cover tactics and hacks companies can use to grow their user base. BUT, all tactics in the world wouldn’t work as well as having a good ‘Social DNA’ carved into your brand.

Having “Social’ as a part of your DNA can manifest in many ways. The phrase is often used as high-level talk with little concrete examples of what it means.

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Why I’m pivoting the “Startup Marketing Challenge” group

Why I'm pivoting

About 2-3 months ago I started a closed FB called “The Startup Marketing Challenge.”

For me, this was an experiment in mass mentoring – and this was this was the MVP.

I spend a lot of time helping early stage startups for free through mentoring, workshops, etc.

With the new agency starting to shape up (soon, I promise) I have less and less time to do the one on one’s.

So I’ve decided to test a new format.

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12 Books I read in 2016 that changed my entrepreneurial life

2016: Books to read for entrepreneurs

These are the last days of 2017 and I think that it’s a good excuse to recommend some great reads.

At the beginning of 2016, I set up a personal goal to read a new book every two weeks.

I always felt that learning by doing is important, but reading can help direct your actions and accelerate your learning process.

Also, as a content marketer and blogger, I think reading is like inspirational fuel that helps keep you fresh.

Did I achieve my 2016 goal? Hell no. Not even close.

But I did read quite a lot of books that I think worth mentioning.

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