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I can’t believe it’s already 2016.

It sneaked upon me so crazy fast that I still feel like it’s February 2015.

2015 was crazy for me, but not enough. Not nearly enough, but 2016 will be different.

Want to know why? I’ll tell you in the next couple of days as I’m writing a special post about 2015 and setting goals for 2016 (and tracking them).

My biggest miss in 2015 was that I almost stopped writing Altogether. That’s not good, but going to change starting TODAY.

Writing every day for the next 365 days .

In 2015 I started secretly growing a new business (more on that soon) and it took most of my time and attention span.

I spent most time training employees and managing them that I almost lost my writing game.

Then, just in time, I saw this Facebook post by the awesome David Spinks.

David Spinks announcing the writing challenge

David Spinks announcing the writing challenge


Besides being the founder of CMX, David is a true inspiration.

I got to meet him when he was visiting Israel last year (thank you Ben Lang for the introduction) – and this guy is so truly passionate and pure about his mission with CMX that you can not be taken away by it.

Getting sidetracked here.

On January 1st, David announced his personal challenge for 2016: ‘Writing 365 Posts in 2016… One Post Every Day’ .

Since I’m not good with doing balanced efforts, but only going too extreme, that was the exact kind of push I needed to get me motivated on writing again.

He got my “I’m in” message within minutes.

What to expect

In 2016 I will write something every day.

It might be a piece of content for this blog, the more professional blog, or a script, chapter on my book etc. But something will be written every day.

What I will write about?

The usual:

  •  Growth hacking
  • Content Marketing
  • Inspirational stuff
  • Entrepreneurial experiences
  • Who knows?!

Scary shit.

Want to follow what I write every day? Everything I write will be linked to in here.


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