8 things I hated about our latest FB live (and how we’ll improve)

So after a long break, we got back to doing FB live shows.

We used to do a show a week a few months back with the awesome guys from Moveo Heart, and it had a lot of impact.

Now that we’re back in “marketing mode” (including a new blog) – I’ve decided we should give it another try.

The format is simple and straight forward – We ask our followers to ask questions – and I answer 3 questions live on the show, as well as answer comments and questions live from the audience.

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What does having a a company with a ‘Social DNA’ look like – Lessons learned from Spotify and Tesla

Spotify logo

This is a quick post I put together I think might clarify the obscure mantra of “Having social be a part of your brand’s DNA.”

In my professional blog, I cover tactics and hacks companies can use to grow their user base. BUT, all tactics in the world wouldn’t work as well as having a good ‘Social DNA’ carved into your brand.

Having “Social’ as a part of your DNA can manifest in many ways. The phrase is often used as high-level talk with little concrete examples of what it means.

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Why I’m pivoting the “Startup Marketing Challenge” group

Why I'm pivoting

About 2-3 months ago I started a closed FB called “The Startup Marketing Challenge.”

For me, this was an experiment in mass mentoring – and this was this was the MVP.

I spend a lot of time helping early stage startups for free through mentoring, workshops, etc.

With the new agency starting to shape up (soon, I promise) I have less and less time to do the one on one’s.

So I’ve decided to test a new format.

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