Hacking Traveling: How to travel like a local in all major cities

Travel Like A Local

While preparing for my current visit to H-Farm and Venice, I remembered a conversation I had with Noah Kagan and Shira Schwartz on our way north when Noah visited Israel.

What’s your trip planning strategy?” we asked, and each gave their two cents on how they approach planning traveling abroad.

How do you choose where to go and what to see? How do you decide if you want to “lazy” travel or really get around? etc.

With that conversation in mind, I decided to document my process for my latest visit to H-Farm and Venice.
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8 things I hated about our latest FB live (and how we’ll improve)

So after a long break, we got back to doing FB live shows.

We used to do a show a week a few months back with the awesome guys from Moveo Heart, and it had a lot of impact.

Now that we’re back in “marketing mode” (including a new blog) – I’ve decided we should give it another try.

The format is simple and straight forward – We ask our followers to ask questions – and I answer 3 questions live on the show, as well as answer comments and questions live from the audience.

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