The One Thing No One Likes To Talk About When It Comes To Entrepreneurship

Everywhere you go, people are advocating and celebrating entrepreneurship. 

If you’re looking for tips on being a better leader, better boss, better marketer, better entrepreneur, more charismatic – just go to every business related blog/ website, read another Steve Jobs biography or “how Mark Zuckerberg hires employees’ article. 

Here’s the most critical thing no one is talking about when it comes to entrepreneurship and they really should: 

What are you willing to sacrifice?

Before you get to be (IF you’ll get to be) the next  Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Tony Robbins you’re going to be just another entrepreneur trying to make it. 

You don’t start with success, you start with a struggle. With the real hustle. Not the kind celebrates, but the kind that can you leave you lonely and friendless. 

****Read this carefully: ****

Being an entrepreneur or starting your own startup means long days and nights, sometimes sacrificing the money you planned to spend on leisure activities or vacations.

It can also mean not going on dates, missing a few nights of going to bed with your spouse, not being there to bathe your newborn baby, not going out with friends and i’m not even talking about the stress that comes with running a business that relays on you and having your brain working 24/7. 

If you’re not willing to do some sacrifices, you’re not ready to become an entrepreneur 

Not everybody are cut out to start their own business. It’s ok. But you have to face this question early on. 

In the past year i’ve been mentoring 3 different early stage startup accelerators, and I keep seeing this startups that are looking to be the next Whatsapp or Twitter, or whatever Startup Superhero people are raving about that week. 

A lot of them are not doing this because they feel real passion to starting their own thing, they are doing it because the ‘lets start our own startup’  is the new ‘lets start a rock band’. But they are not really ready to risk or sacrificing anything for it.

Ask yourself: Am I willing to make some serious sacrifices for my business to work?