A Collection of Un-edited Thoughts and Ideas

Hi all,

After a few years of running a growth hacking and continent marketing blog at: http://roy.roypovarchik.com, i’ve decided I needed an outlet for ideas and thoughts that don’t quite fit the main blog. 

If you got to this Tumblr without knowing my previous work, i’ll quickly introduce myself: 

I run a growth hacking and content marketing agency, helping startups grow their active user base (acquisition, retention, referrals, activation – the whole deal). I’m a contributor to Buffer, Buzzsumo, Shopify and several other big blogs. My work / content was mentioned on sites like Forbes, The Next Web, Fast Company, Time.com and more. 

You can check more information on that on my website: http://roypovarchik.com

Why I opened this Tumblr account

This new Tumblr is more of an experiment than anything else. 

My regular blog is focused more on hands on marketing and growth hacking tips with 2,000+ words long blog posts. All well edited, structured and strategically planned. 

This new Tumblr: “Quick Thoughts & Short Posts” Is the exact opposite. 

Here you’ll find un-edited (i’m Israeli, so my English might not be perfect at all times) and spontaneously written posts – about entrepreneurship, startups and basically everything that comes to mind when working in this field. 

I can promise you

This blog isn’t going to be a marketing blog, not a sales blog. It won’t be consistent, maybe sometimes won’t even be coherent. 

What this blog will be a 100% is transparent. You can ask me anything, tell me anything, whatever you want. 

I hope you’ll enjoy this experiment with me. 

Roy P. 

P.S If you have any questions, want to send me hate mail or funny gifs – here’s my email: roy@roypovarchik.com

Oh, and I think my dog is broken…