5 Tips to Increase Your Team’s Productivity With Better Emails

5 Tips to increase your team's productivity with better emails

Emails are productivity’s worst enemy.

Sure, in 2017 it’s far from being a groundbreaking or shocking statement. Everybody’s talking about it (And it kind of made Tim Ferriss’ Career).

In the age of millennial entrepreneurs and Slack loving tech hipsters, email have been marked as the enemy for a long time.

Yet, leaving trendiness aside, emails are still a great format for collaboration and communication.

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Solving the Manager VS. Maker conflicts when growing a business

Maker VS. Manager

Becoming the hybrid between manager & maker usually happens when you are either a one-person company or when you try to scale up.

Most companies start with one or two founders. Maybe even a hobbyist or a one-man (or woman) show who’s looking to grow.

In the beginning, everyone starts off as makers – they are the ones doing everything. But then, you have to become a manager as well. 

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